Rent luxury cars In Israel


ROYALTY luxurious car for hire

.We provides luxurious car for hire
.chauffer driven and limousine transportation in Israel
.We strive to make your travel most comfortable


We offer you our most lavish and large vehicles fleet in Israel with its varied possibilities

Cooperate Business vehicle
Official and Diplomatic Delegation
Limousine and group pickups
Fame and entertainment
Wedding event
Leisure driving

You can collect any of our luxury SPORT vehicle or stylish SADAN, SUV, of your preference in Israel and our team will facilitate your demands
We are commited to provide the highest class of your preference of vehicle in comfort style and elegance
We take pride in our dedication to years of service and experience. We actually have been winning loyal customers by providing the BEST OF THE BEST OF LUXURIOUS VEHICLES

:Mercedes Bense
.S Class. 500 long, black and white color
E Class. 350, premium standard, black and white color
C Class. white color
SUV GLE 500 of white color and GLE plugin of black color
.All vehicle have the outmost luxurious features and style

.We also inhance within our fleet of luxurious vehicles Audi A8 of elegance black color
Audi S5 featuring high premium standard sports vehicle in white color Audi Q7 with its latest Electronic gadgets and lavish interior in black color

We also appreciate and proud of our slick look of our Collection of 
BMW 7 series with its opulent style in black and white color
BMW 5 series executive sadan with its all premium features of high class.
The vehicles both in black and white color
Also in this category of BMW we have in our stock the SUV X series FOR out door cruise

.Our Wedding Surrey conclude vehicles of prestige and elegance to meet your special day of engagement. You can ride to your wedding in class. our team will decorate the vehicle to your preference of style and will provide experienced chauffeur as part of our services
.Our company runs Limousine service.
Executive service for your coparate travel from the Air port to the hotel from the hotel to your meetings. We also have bus service for group traveling and Delegation. We conclude all of your traveling arrangements in Israel as part of our service
.Our fleet is large enough to accommodates all your requests be it for any means

.GIVE US A CALL . We will be pleased to assist you


Rent luxury cars in israel
luxury cars Rental
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