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Marriage? special event? business trip? With us you will find a variety of luxury vehicles for rent with and without a driver at affordable prices. We will make your trip even more enjoyable with the help of our professional drivers and of course with a particularly indulgent bar that will make you feel like a million dollars.

Car rental with driver

At Royalty Luxury Car Rental you will receive as an option rental services accompanied by a professional driver, who has a dress code, intelligent and reliable. The service is provided as part of the rental of luxury and luxurious cars for an additional fee. The driver will be available to those ordering the service throughout the rental period.

Car rental without driver

Looking for a luxury car without a driver? At Royalty Luxury Car Rental you can rent a luxurious car from the variety of vehicles in the luxury car fleet for any period of time without a driver.
Extremely luxurious cars for rent without a driver, with advanced systems in one place, a quick solution with one phone call.

The largest fleet of luxury vehicles in Israel is at your disposal and provides all your needs.

Renting luxury cars and limousines for the wedding

At Royalty, the national center for luxury car rental for weddings, you can enjoy the services of the longest, most luxurious and equipped limousines with five stars for optimal service and maximum indulgence in addition to all the luxury cars in the company’s fleet with prices suitable for every pocket, matching cars for any event, meeting or escorting parties.

VIP pickup from the airport

שירותי VIP ואירוח אח”מים בנמלי התעופה בישראל,  הסעות VIP, רכבי שרד ושירותי נהג צמוד.
מגוון של סיורים מודרכים, התאמת חבילת שירותים ההולמת את צרכיו. ארוחות שף פרטיות.

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    The perfect choice

    luxurious vehicles

    Royalty has at its disposal the largest fleet of vehicles in Israel that it owns, as well as providing cost-effective solutions with external suppliers in the rental of buses and limousines

    Escorting very important people

    As part of the company’s services, VIP services are provided, which combine the escort of a skilled chauffeur, champagne and chocolates, etc.

    לוגו Car rental for any period of time

    At Royalty you can rent a car for 24 hours as a car rental for the wedding day as well as long-term rentals of a week or more


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