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It is understood that luxury is not just about the journey, but also about the experience.
In today’s era, as the demand for concierge services rises with each passing day,
it is important to identify those who will lead you with a luxurious approach and professional service.

In the luxury car market in Israel, royalty, the national center for luxury cars,
stands at the forefront of companies providing such services.
With many years of experience and expertise,
our company specializes in luxury car rental with a unique package of the highest level concierge services.
We pride ourselves on providing a complete service,
from the moment you land in the country until your return flight.

Our service begins with a personal meeting at the international airport in Ben Gurion.
A dedicated driver will eagerly await you, ready to take you to various destinations in the country.
You [...]

יבוא אישי של רכב משומש

The luxury Porsche Panamera is considered one of the leading vehicles in the luxury vehicle market, thanks to its outstanding design defined as sportive and elegant at the same time. This vehicle, with its perfect outer finish, an internal design adapted for comfort and granting a luxurious feeling to its passengers, has a low bottom and adjustable wheels, all of which grant an extraordinary feeling while driving that can’t be achieved with any other vehicle.

Riding in and driving a Porsche Panamera is not a dream and is available today for everyone via a rental service. Renting a luxury car, like this Porsche, is suited for anyone who wants to make their dream come true and try a different type of driving experience. Rental is suitable for any situation and event, from day-to-day life to unforgettable events like weddings and important business events. While renting you can inquire about additional upgrades to enhance the experience: [...]

השכרת רכב ספורט

There are many pleasures in life, but if you’ve never driven a new sports car you don’t know what pleasure is.
In recent years, renting sports cars has become a steadily increasing phenomenon, due to the great enjoyment renting such vehicles provides us.
Few things can compare to driving a sports car, as it is one of the greatest pleasures in life.
Whether self-rented or as a birthday gift, renting a sports car can represent one of the most perfect experiences there are, and it’s doubtful anything else can compare.


When we rent a luxury vehicle, the question remains: should we perhaps rent a different type of vehicle outside the field of sports cars?
There are many other types of luxury vehicle rentals we can carry out: what is the vehicle best suited to our rental needs?

מבצעי רכבי יוקרה להשכרה

Renting one or several luxury vehicles is a mandatory reality when we find ourselves in certain situations.
In recent years the phenomenon of renting luxury vehicles has become widespread, with more and more people doing so for various purposes. Luxury vehicles radiate a certain reputation you can’t get using other means, and represent one of the developing phenomena in recent years.
Whether it’s businessmen looking to project prestige to their colleagues or youngsters looking to party, the luxury vehicle market is expanding as more and more people use luxury vehicles more frequently.


When we rent a luxury vehicle, we must ensure that the vehicle comes equipped with several things.
One of the most important things the vehicle must contain is car insurance.

No one wants to pay thousands or hundreds of thousands of shekels for a car that was damaged [...]

יבוא אישי של רכב משומש

Many people have different types of dreams: getting rich, going on a great trip abroad, buying a new house, and no less important – buying a new luxury vehicle. While the reality is that you might not be able to afford a brand-new Mercedes in the next few years, what can you do? Luxury vehicle rentals are the solution for you. This is an excellent option to help fulfill your dream of buying a new car, and allows us to enjoy quality luxury vehicles, even if just for one day. Thus, we fulfill our dream of driving a prestigious vehicle and doing so in the best and nicest way, with no other competition.


Due to the importance of choosing a quality company when dealing with luxury vehicle rentals, we must know how to choose the best company. We must select a company with experience in the field [...]

יבוא אישי רכב יד 2

We naturally all understand that it is impossible to rent a luxury vehicle in Israel cheaply –
if you encounter an offer that is too cheap, it is best not to take the risk, as this is suspicious and may bring about unforeseen consequences that the low price won’t cover.
Note the quality of the company, feedback, the selection of vehicles and the impressions their drivers leave on the people around them.

vip service ben gurion airport


Royalty provides luxury vehicle rental services which are top-quality and innovative, of the highest standards in Israel.
Approaching this company means you’ll be sure to find the vehicle that best suits your event – as well as your budget.

Contact us today to receive an attractive offer!

השכרת רכבי יוקרה לאנשי עסקים

The vehicle we travel in says a lot about our personality and financial status. Therefore, if we want to project something prestigious to our environment we need to rent a luxury car. Renting a luxury car is an excellent way to raise our reputation and show off our quality and how good we are to our environment. A person who arrives in a luxury car is perceived in a completely different way than someone who arrives in a less prestigious vehicle, and the doors that open to them are completely different as well. This is the reason it is so important to invest in a vehicle, and if we don’t have the means to purchase a luxury car, renting one is an excellent option.


One of the demographics most in need of projecting a certain type of reputation is the business sector. Businessmen traveling in luxury cars project that their [...]


There are many reasons to rent a luxury vehicle. Renting a luxury vehicle in Israel is an excellent option for fun and enjoyment, but it also conceals many other advantages, which could no competed with.

One of the best things that could be achieved by renting a luxury vehicle is the fact that we can significantly upgrade our trip. Whether traveling abroad or in Israel, renting a luxury vehicle can be an excellent opportunity to improve our trip several times over.
Who wouldn’t want to drive in a luxury vehicle and enjoy a unique and special trip that could not be gained through other means?

Therefore, renting luxury vehicles is the best solution.


Another reason to rent a luxury vehicle is for a special occasions. People remember their wedding day for the rest of their lives, or their son’s bar-mitzvah as though it happened yesterday.
To [...]

יבוא אישי רכב יד 2

Executive vehicles are a designation granted in Israel today to the largest family vehicles in Europe. These vehicles are custom-made, luxurious, impressive and resplendent. Renting an executive vehicle and driving it is an undeniable status symbol of wealth and prestige.

Executive vehicles usually possess a larger and stronger engine than regular family vehicles, and the safety measures of these vehicles are more methodical and efficient as well. Renting a luxury executive vehicle grants its drivers a sense of confidence, reliability, pleasure and enjoyment. The level of many executives is judged by the car they drive. Driving a rented luxury car symbolizes their status in the company, and how successful they are.

מאמר רכב יוקרה

Luxury vehicles come in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and prices. The price of luxury vehicles for rent are influenced by the type of vehicle, its size, quality, brand and so on.

To rent luxury vehicles at affordable prices, several important parameters must be taken into account, which will help narrow down the selection to the vehicle best suited for the customer’s needs and budget. These elements include the purpose of renting a luxury vehicle, the manufacturer, the type of vehicle, its size, etc.

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